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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Camp Lotus privately owned?
    Camp Lotus has been family-owned and operated for over 50 years! We have been able to continue operations through droughts, floods, pandemics, and recessions because of all the amazing guests who come and continue to stay at Camp Lotus for decades.
  • Does Camp Lotus allow dogs?
    No. While we LOVE dogs, we had to stop allowing dogs at Camp Lotus. When dogs were allowed at Camp Lotus, some people would leave their dogs in their vehicles while rafting during the summer months. Often the windows would be closed when the weather was over 100 degrees. We would have to find ways to open the vehicles to prevent injury to the dogs, which was difficult. This is the primary reason we instituted the no-dog policy.
  • Does Camp Lotus use pesticides such as Round-Up?
    At Camp Lotus, we use NO pesticides to maintain the grounds. We do not use Round-Up. This is something we are very proud of and lets guests know the grounds and grass/wildlife areas are pristine.
  • May I arrive early?
    Check-in time is 2 p.m. If arriving early, a day-use fee allows the use of common areas and river beach access. Day use fees are $5/person plus $5/car. To check in early to your lodge or campsite please call us so we can determine if the previous guest has checked out.
  • Can I check out of my site late?
    Check-out time for RV sites and tent sites is noon. Late checkouts can be arranged at the office for additional fees. It will depend on if another group is checking in to your site. Unapproved late checkouts will be subjected to fees.
  • Can I have a fire?
    Wood and charcoal burning is allowed during non-fire season. Fire season is typically June through October and wood and charcoal burning are not allowed then. To determine if wood and charcoal burning is allowed you can check the Eldorado County burn day information website. Propane fire pits and propane BBQs are always allowed.
  • Can people visit us at our site?
    Yes, visitors will need to check in at our office and pay day-use fees. Day-use fees are $5/person plus $5/car.
  • How long can I stay?
    Ten days is the maximum length of stay.
  • What kind of wildlife can I expect to see during my stay?
    Geese, ducks, hawks, eagles, turkeys, river otters, raccoons, mink, beavers, and deer live here.
  • Can I have a water balloon fight?
    No, water balloons are not allowed at Camp Lotus. We strive to keep Camp Lotus trash-free, we have found when there are water balloon fights there are microplastics throughout the campground.
  • Are generators allowed?
    No, generators are not allowed at Camp Lotus.
  • Is the water at Camp Lotus drinkable?
    The water at Camp Lotus is on a well and the water is tested regularly. It is wonderful to drink so you don’t have to bring extra water.
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